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7 Brainstorming Strategies that Don’t Suck  

We’ve all been in one of those meetings. The whiteboard is starting to look like a Basquiat, the eager junior copywriter is completely dominating the conversation, and somehow the same ideas keep popping up in every new concept. Brainstorm meetings are a quintessential part of creative ideation and innovation, but the common lack of structure and amount of seemingly unproductive time spent can be a burden to teams that are already stressed about deadlines.

Luckily, getting the most out of a brainstorm meeting is nowhere near as difficult as wrangling that copywriter, it just takes a little preparation, direction, and social manipulation.

Let’s start with an easy one…

Dos Equis Masquerade  

An evening of unimaginable intrigue and extraordinary possibilities awaited our guests as they joined the Most Interesting Man and his most interesting friends for another unforgettable adventure. As decadent as it was disorienting, a night masked in mystery came alive for all to marvel.

Inspired by Street Art  

In an agency full of art aficionados and pop culture zealots, excitement runs high when our clients want to delve into the here-and-now of the ever-evolving modern art world. Mirrorball’s long history of working with cutting edge artists and influencers to make brands culturally relevant to the selective millennial market means that when a campaign like "Perrier Inspired by Street Art" comes along, all we can say is, “we got this”.

Newcastle Grovetoberfest  

On October 17, 2015, Mirrorball was beyond excited to introduce Heineken’s innovative new BrewLock system to attendees at Florida’s largest beer festival, Grovetoberfest, with a highly successful Newcastle activation.

Perrier Greenhouse  

This summer, Mirrorball set out to create an out of this world sampling activation for our favorite healthy, fizzy refreshment, Perrier. Inspired by Little Shop of Horrors and what might come of pouring the extraordinary water into a garden, our creative team arrived at the wild and wonderful Perrier Greenhouse concept.

Mirrorball Attends the Future of Storytelling  

FoST (Future of Storytelling) 2015 has come and gone but not before some of our favorite Mirrorballers ascended on the Snug Harbor conference and immersed themselves in a brave new world of storytelling technologies.