Dos Equis


The Most Interesting Man in the World Cleans House on a National Tour

Mirrorball has helped Dos Equis become an industry leader in experiential programming over the past decade, consistently pushing the boundaries of events and activations through highly emotional consumer engagements. The Dos Equis Coveted Collection tour was no different.

In 2016 The Most Interesting Man in the World went on a permanent “Mission to Mars”, leaving behind his entire Coveted Collection of story-worthy collectibles. Inspired by over-the-top TV auctions, Mirrorball concepted and produced a theatrical live auction, the ultimate opportunity to bid on these rare and unique items.

A complete immersive, theatrical event, the auction of the Coveted Collection nationally toured in five markets, and each event saw over 40 items create a bidding frenzy amongst consumers. Some of these items included The Most Interesting Man's vintage diving helmet, his original red velvet smoking jacket, and even a marble bust of the man himself.

Out of the box
thinking brought Dos Equis
to a new crowd

Guests were required to participate in numerous immersive engagements to acquire Dos Equis cash (Dositas) for a chance to participate in the high-stakes auction. The few lucky bidders were inspired to lead a life brimming with exploration and audacity, just as the Most Interesting Man did.

The high-energy auction was hosted by William, the Most Interesting Man’s eccentric billionaire friend, and real celebrity auctioneer Lucas Hunt. Before each item, Art Handlers—a cast of dancers and acrobats—performed a themed vignette to showcase the item at hand. Bidding wars, near fist fights, breakups, and thunderous screaming and yelling brought the energy of the room to a climax with each auction item.

Scripted immersive theater offered a cast of characters from the Most Interesting Man’s past included a Greek Playboy, a Nordic Heiress, a socialite ex-lover, and a Billionaire friend. Each of the characters engaged consumers throughout the night, indulging them in one-off challenges for a cash reward.

Guests could use their Dositas cash to purchase branded items, like Patagonia x Dos Equis backpacks, Most Interesting Man cardboard cutouts and neon signs.

Audiences in each market were a curated list of general consumers, tastemakers, and social media influencers and totaled over 3,000. The Coveted Collection tour successfully trialed over 10,000 beers, converting our target market to Dos fans for life.

The result? Through PR and earned media, the event series received over 73MM media impressions. 35 media outlets attended the Coveted Collection events generating an additional 68 digital and print placements.