Jack Daniel's

House Number 7

An icon gets a recharge with a national tour for Jack fans new and old.

Jack Daniel’s is one of America’s most iconic brands, but fame and ubiquity wasn’t translating into relevance among millennial whiskey drinkers. And with more DIY competitors and craft whiskeys coming to the forefront of the market, the legacy of Jack was getting lost in the shift.

Throughout the decades of drinking Jack, musicians have been its biggest fans. Frank Sinatra shared it with his friends. Fats Domino and Trick Pony put in in song. In popular culture, music and Jack are intrinsically entwined. And what is every music fan’s dream? To live the rock’n’roll life of their favorite band.

Inspired by a life on the road that Jack’s biggest fans and advocates lived throughout the years, we created House No. 7, a multi-channel, multi-city marketing platform, where the lines between real and the imaginary blur.

Rock'n'roll and unexpected moments created long-lasting memories

The national tour, started by sparking interest in key markets across social and digital platforms with teaser short-form videos and a landing page where guests could RSVP and follow the tour. Key characters from the activation were also personified with their own Instagram profiles, hyping the experience that guests were about to go through.

At House No. 7, each guest received an RFID bracelet that let them track their way through the event and easily share the over 20 themed rooms and surprise music performances that have marked each stop of the tour. Guests have gotten haircuts, partied by the House pool, dressed like their favorite rock star, and drank plenty of Jack Daniels along the way.

Surprise performances by Ja Rule, Nelly, T-Pain, and Wyclef sweetened the pot and made lasting memories that tie back to Jack.

Why is House No. 7 such a success? We designed each House to constantly move guests through emotional high points—at turns surprising and challenging—like with surprise weddings officiated by Andrew WK or with a hidden speakeasy outfitted with a crooner and brass band.

Since its life on the road started, House No. 7 experience launched has welcomed almost 20,000 guests in 5 cities around the country. That means 45,000 drinks sold and a 40 percent increase in positive brand sentiment.

Want even more? It’s all been captured by over 151 million social impressions so far and a #1 trending hashtag in NYC and Miami.