Butler Program

An inventive guerilla marketing program that brought Perrier where millennials need it most...the workplace.

How do we make the ordinary extraordinary for our millennial target audience? Building off of Perrier's global Extraordinaire campaign, Mirrorball wanted to amplify the sparkling beverage’s presence among “social gurus” by going where they are every day—their workplace.

Through cultural insights and deep social listening, our team created the Perrier Butler program. The goal? Always on the hunt of distinctiveness and the unexpected, we wanted Perrier to turn our Social Gurus' ordinary workday into an Extraordinary one by capturing their attention, and driving trial and consideration, all while leaving them with powerful, positive sentiments towards the brand.

To do this, we targeted workplaces in New York City known for their millennial staffs and innovative company culture, like Refinery29 and Spotify. Then we released the Perrier Butlers.

Perrier Butlers found
the fun for uninspired
workers NYC

From fun engagements with our Butlers to wellness and relaxation stations that took people from mundane to extraordinary, we took over offices and turned them into fanciful retreats from the every day.

As an extension of the activation and a thank you to each participating company, Perrier also provided a month worth of complimentary product to amplify the brand and keep the love alive with new drinkers.

The result? Over 7 thousand samples given out and 2 million social media impressions across platforms that gave wings to Perrier amplification for months after the program was complete.