Perrier Street Art

Campaign Strategy

Perrier has always supported the arts, but we brought the brand to a new level with our global street art program.

Perrier is a 150-year-old brand that wanted to reconnect with the hip and plugged-in arts community around the globe. Knowing the majority of these people lived in urban areas and organically consumed and appreciated street art And in 2014, by tapping into the contemporary street art trend, it did just that. Partnering with three international graffiti artists, Perrier launched a limited-edition Street Art collection of glass and plastic bottles and a new can design.

To dive deeper into target markets, Mirrorball threw a street-art inspired event at Colossal Media’s workshop in Brooklyn to tout the collection and debuted 10 outdoor murals, hand painted by Colossal, that brought the collaboration to the streets of New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami.

A new collaboration
transformed the Perrier brand and
engaged the downtown crowd

The Brooklyn launch event showcased nine original designs by the three artists—New York City native JonOne; Sasu, from Japan; and Kobra, from Sao Paulo, Brazil—and immersed attendees in multi-sensory experiences, live talent engagements and stunning visuals.

Inside Colossal’s gritty artists’ workshop, Perrier was front-and-center with a step-and-repeat made of chain-link fencing and Perrier bottles and a chandelier made from its iconic bottles above the bar. Guests channeled their inner street artist on an interactive graffiti wall and dipped small bites into colored chocolate flowing from paint buckets. Each artist had a dedicated space with engaging, interactive moments for attendees.

Mirrorball created video content posted across Perrier’s social media platforms, one for each artist and a global teaser video with all three. Mirrorball also oversaw the global production initiative that spanned three countries and resulted in key creative assets for international street art promotion.